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Our residential exterminators can treat bed bugs other pests roaches and termites.

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Pretty much any house or apartment may experience an issue with bed bugs, roaches, spiders and termites or other unwanted pests have made their way into your house or apartment, they may contaminate food, damage your property and spread disease. However, you are able to bank on our crew of pest control professionals to get rid of existing insects and pests and help protect against any new infestations.

The extra time you hesitate, the much worse your pest & insect infestation will get. Supposing that you believe you have a insect & pest issue, do not wait call us 727-261-2664.

The extra time a pest & insect infestation is left without treatment, the even more difficult it will get. Within just seconds, we’ll connect you with a local area qualified pest control specialist who will arrange an appointment for you.

Our professional pest control specialists understand the Holiday Florida insect & pest issues inside and out and recognize the dangers of drywood termites, subterranean termites, ants, roaches and more in the Holiday area. By using the latest techniques and products they are able to manage every one of your insect & pest issues and help keep your home pest free.

Our courteous, pest control technicians continually go above and beyond to ensure you’re entirely satisfied with their work. They offer a complete range of 100% satisfaction guaranteed domestic pest control services to local area customers looking for effective pest control & termite treatment solutions.

In the event that you have a pest infestation situation, our pest control experts can provide a solution.

Some Of Our Holiday Exterminator Services

Termite Control

The pest that can lead to the most structural damages to your home is the termite, they are widely known for their overwhelming destruction of houses or apartments and for the enormous repairs that generally come from an infestation. Country wide, termites do billions of dollars in destruction every year.

One of the reasons termites often go unnoticed up until it’s too late is that the most commonplace species is the subterranean termite. These termite colonies, that exist below ground, may have up to a million or more members. Early recognition and specialist termite control is able to help protect against a small termite infestation from transforming into a very expensive ordeal.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are on the rise across the country. In addition to the skin irritation numerous people experience as a result of bed bug bites, home owners report a sleep loss & even some allergic reactions to the bites.

Due to their overall size, bed bugs are very hard to locate without having the helping hand of a proficient pest technician.

It’s for this reason that they’re almost impossible to eradicate bed bugs by using DIY solutions. So if ever bed bugs have infested your apartment or house, do not lose time by using Do It Yourself treatment solutions that do not do the trick.

Our bed bug professionals know exactly where to search for and precisely how to eliminate these pests.

In the event that you have a pest infestation situation, our pest control experts can provide a solution.

Cockroach Treatment

The most commonplace unwanted insect we most likely see inside of our houses or apartments are cockroaches.

These pests have adapted to be able to hide itself in our bathrooms & kitchens and scour for food during the night.

Roaches can feed on almost anything and can leave behind a nasty smell, ruin books, ruin food  & other materials.

Our proven procedures will help keep all of these pesky pests out of your home.

Ant Removal

House ants can contaminate your food, burrow through your timber and bite you, causing discomfort, pain and swelling.

They can also be very difficult to handle because they create several subcolonies and can nest in a wide variety of sites. The trick to managing them is identifying & treating the colonies and subcolonies.

In addition our ant professionals can identify precisely how they are getting in and seal all the access points so that you will not have to bother with these pests again.

Fleas & Ticks

flea control

Sadly, our furry family members aren’t unsusceptible to pest & insect problems and can occasionally bring unwanted visitors to our houses or apartments. Flea bites may inflict skin irritation in both pets & humans. Ticks can transfer dangerous diseases, including Lyme disease. Our expert pest exterminators can carry out a practical & effective solution to eliminate ticks & fleas so you can provide protection to your family & pets from these pests.


spider control

Few home owners can tell the difference between the venomous & non-venomous spider species. Whenever you are up in your garage or in your attic, searching through old storage containers or deep cleaning, you could accidentally disturb a spider, that could lead to a spider bite. Our pest control technicians can help you in identifying the spiders on your property, establish whether they’re poisonous then locate their hiding spots & help eliminate the spiders from your home.


mosquito control As well as the itchy discomfort of mosquito bites, these particular blood-sucking pests can spread the Zika & West Nile viruses. Home owners typically discover controlling mosquitoes on their own as being just about impossible, and aerial spraying by government agencies has been predominately ineffective in lowering this pest’s numbers. Mosquitoes can make hanging out in our yards awful if we’ve to spend all of our time swatting away these irritating mosquitos.

In the event that you have a pest infestation situation, our pest control experts can provide a solution.

Pest Control Holiday FAQs

Can I do pest control myself?

For a small infestation do it yourself is a good option that can be inexpensive. For larger infestations or a continuing problem save yourself the time hassle and money and call a professional exterminator. As always the key to pest control is prevention.

How do I choose a pest control company?

How to Choose a Pest Control Company: The Do's & Don'tsAsk about what kind of insurance a pest control company can provide. ... Only hire pest control companies that meet the licensing requirements for your particular state. ... Ask the company to walk you through how they would handle this problem if you were their customer.

Should pest control spray inside?

You want the inside of your home to be free of pests as fast as possible and that usually means an interior treatment is needed to clear out any critters that are living in the house. ... Part of our natural pest control approach is to spray inside your home as little as possible.

How can I do pest control at home by myself?

Here's how to do quick cockroach control;Keep your home clean and dry to the extent possible. ... Keep the thrash can closed and covered all the time. ... Deal the gaps from where cockroaches are entering your house. ... Regularly check areas like back side of TV fridge or washing machines and eliminate them from there.

What is the best way to prevent pest infestation?

There are two main ways to prevent and control the presence of insects rodents and other pests:Block entry points (exclusion) Eliminating entry points for pests will help keep them out of your establishment. ... Eliminate sources of food water and shelter. Pests are always on the hunt for food water and shelter.

What smells do ants hate?

Peppermint is an insect repellent which can help you get rid of ants. Ants don't like the smell of peppermint and are likely to avoid areas that contain traces of it. Peppermint has a strong fragrant that cannot be tolerated by the ants which keep them away from entering the home.

Does vinegar kill ants?

Mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray it directly onto the ants to kill them then wipe up the ants using a damp paper towel and discard them. ... White vinegar makes an excellent household cleaner and you can't smell it once it dries.

Why is my house full of ants?

Why do ants come inside? ... Ants are constantly on the hunt for food and water (moisture in general) for their colonies so your kitchen and bathroom are the most common spots to find ants. "Ants have a sweet tooth just like many of us which leaves our kitchens particularly vulnerable to an infestation.

Why do I see more roaches after spraying?

It's common to see roaches after an extermination. Do not spray or use a bug bomb in the area! ... After an extermination you can expect to see roaches for a few weeks even in the daytime which you may not have seen before. This is because the treatment confuses the roaches and their normal habits are disrupted.